Continuity 101 (or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Scripty)
- Q & A on just what it is that Continuity / Script Supervisors actually do...

Right – so screen direction, crossing the line, and eyelines are all part of the same thing. How about these Action Cut Points?

That thankfully really is simple. Try to start and end every shot with an action – it makes it much easier to cut. And it’s Action-Cut-Points rather than Start-And-End-With-Action since we’re actually trying to cover not just the start and end of the shot, but the points in the shot where it’s likely we’ll cut to a different shot.

This actually applies to most things your Script Supervisor is looking for during a take. While we are mainly concerned with the start and end of a shot and much less with what happens during it, the reasoning behind this (to ensure seamless continuity between shots) obviously applies to all potential cut points in the shot.[1] As for how many potential cut points there are, or where they are, well…

  1. Not so obviously that I didn’t feel the need to say it though. Um, obviously. [↩︎]

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